Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Be a DYNAMIC Engineer!

How do you sum up 1day visit stories in an entry? I try my best.

This was my first for having industrial visit [after taking degree! Oh! So noob ok!] but for sure if i had the opportunities, I will definitely join them again.

25 March 2011 - 6.00pm – Departed to Hikmah house at Temerloh, Pahang! Homestay! [Best sangat-sangat tidur ramai-ramai] – Quite ‘jakun’ ok! It’s BBQ time! There’s no picture for that coz the chicken already BBQed [bahasa apa ni?..Hikhikhik] by Hikmah’s family. So as well as we’ll arrived, EAT! EAT! EAT! Then sleep!


The journey begun at 26 March 2011 - 7.30 am. [All sudden, at the early of the morning……]

Okey! Aku bangun last sekali! Cis! Mentang-mentang Holiday! Orang bangun subuh aku tidur! wah! PROUD! <--- Again! NOOB! Sangat tak digalakkan. Ala, tak da la lewat mana. 6.45am je!..

Breakfast : Nasi Lemak + Roti Canai + Teh O’ Panas [Kelas gitu] But i just took the ‘Roti Canai’ one! Sakit perut! Rutin pagi-pagi walaupun rumah orang. ‘I just don’t care’!

About 9.30am……


Located at Kawasan Perindustrian Gebeng, Kuantan, Pahang. A fabricator for Malaysia Oil and Gas Industry.. (Read More)

Well, I just can summarized up all those thing that I’d learned during the visit!

Cik Kikin sempat tulis ape yang Dato’ kata..

It’s all about the policies.. How to be a good engineer, businesswoman and even a millionaire!

1) Be Selective!

2) Deliver on Time!

3)Be Honest!

4) Practice International Culture

5)Do Asset

If nak story-morey panjang memang tak cukup. Let’s open table! But the most important thing is “BE DYNAMIC!”

‘You have to be open and dynamic! Polish your talent!’ – D.M.Sharif (Asturi Managing Director)


The Company : Read More


I’m gonna design this in the future! Hope so!


Pressure Vessel


The real “U-tube Heat Exchanger”

What a wonderful and incredible design [I just realize that I’d took the right course!] This picture doesn't do justice on how good to be there I think! Aaah...need a new camera !


The Dato’ belanja kami makan tengahari!!


Dato’ Sharif: The most sporting CEO I’d ever met!


Thanks guy for gave me the opportunities!


The next top engineer! Smile

After the visit, kami menyinggah ke Telok Chempedak! Oh! Teringat pada Zacky V aka Amirul Faiz! Kami suka pantai! Kami suka laut! We need a vacation!!!!




The tembam one! Rockerz ever! Muahahaha

Not much can be done when the cloud turned its color to the blacky one! So after enjoying the view for a few hours, we took a walk again.. have a tea time with ‘air kelapa’. Yummy! Yummy!

note: I’ll be back TC!

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