Friday, March 4, 2011

Being Single : I Just Don’t Care

Another new entry today. I am going to be very blunt about this, fed up of bidding around the bush trying to make a point but sadly no one understands me.

I've been told so many times to COMPARTMENTALIZED. WTH, am a girl. Do i care about that. If my mind all fuzzy, be it. If I nag just a little too much, so what. If I'm been cranky, let me be, am not some Royal Highness Princess, so don't care if I show you my true colours. I ain't that ugly, you know that rite?

So what have I been doing lately? A lot of stuff actually. Proud to be a student yoll! But our highlight will be on my new relationship status. Arghh! that’s not new hokey! Outdated already. Yes, I am single. And I am not proud of it, just feeling sick inside that I've to let it out. Bad girl, Kikin. Then, I just don’t care what other people trying to say.

“tipulah tak ada boyfriend”

“Comel-comel xkan belum berpunya”

“Ish, dah 23, belum ada boyfriend”

“Couple jom!”

“Saya suka sangat pada awak”


Pause. Change mode. Melancholic background music!

Seriously, I JUST DON’T CARE. Love to be alone rather than to be caring to the other person. so lame. for me, it is good to have a best friend instead of boyfriend.

In similar mode, perhaps with most heart-wrenching background music!

Ahhh... let's go back to our conversation just now, oh yes, being single. Ye Haw! Scary. Hence, fearful of falling in love again. But I don't intend to celebrate forever, nak mati? Keh Keh Keh. Later. Maybe another 2 years, 1 year, 9 month, 1 month, 3 weeks, 7 days, 3 days or tomorrow? maybe today? Who knows? I just don’t care. But I am not going to discuss about this in details, again and again.. i just don’t care… tired.

note: Again, I just don’t care!

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