Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Do you love me?

DO YOU LOVE ME? [Someone asking me during I’m blogging]

Typical question for you guys? Pardon me?

Pause.. Kikin is thinking!

What a tricky question?

Let me answer it. Of course NOT. In proper way “I don’t love you”.


Answer : Hell YES!!

ME@KIKIN : Complicated, Soft-hearted, Sensitive and Perfectionist [Sorry to hear that. I’m trying for not to be hypocrite]


Answer : ……………….

*Undefined Feeling

As i said before, I’ll not getting involve with all those ******* things until I’m ready for it.


Answer : Hell NO!!

Actually, different people may have different opinions and different views about relationships. Based on their experience maybe.

Some thought that having a relationship is a waste of time [Its me! ~ Just now.On a serious note, I may say ‘A waste of time’ today. But, I may not say it tomorrow]

Some thought that you must have a relationship with that someone before you can say whether he's the one for you. [OMG]

Some may find out that he's not the one after being with the person for such a long time [Pity THEM].

And it goes on...

Whose fault is it? That’s not my fault for thinking like that. Now, in relationship, never ever look for the faults. Instead, look for ways to make it better. Find the solutions to make your relationship better than yesterday. And, it's never too late to say I Love You :).. The advise is for you guys. Not me hokey!! [Motivate myself! Kihkihkih].

curve 1 (3)


Well, I rather be alone again. I am nobody to say advice to you.
I have no qualification that allow me to write about this.
But deep inside, I believe that I ought to share my experience to you guys.

note: I’m sorry.. for be honest.

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