Sunday, March 6, 2011

♥ Give Me A Sign...

As I grow older, I started to see things with different perspective.. Sometimes, I don't even know what am I thinking..

Coz I always see a different me when I'm in different matter..And then confusion grows..

Please give me a sign, when I think that being silent is the best way to cope with some matters..

Please give me a sign, when I'm lazy to deal with too many things..

Please give me a sign, when I think I need more time to stay with myself alone...

Please give me a sign, when I feel a lot more lonely as I grow older even though I know I'm not alone...

Please give me a sign, when things goes wrong, I wouldn't try so hard to make it right anymore..

Things that i able to do right now is “Smile and walk away..”


Sometimes, I feel depressed without any valid reason..

and then little things in life brighten me up again...

It's an emotional recycling process..

You cried when shits happen and then you told yourself:


and things does get better after times.. or if it's a really really bad time...

Just get over it gradually.. Don't rush...

Sometimes, we blame people when they hold different opinion on things with us..

And in the end, we found out things doesn't solved when we're blaming on each other..

Some people make bad things fades..

Some people live miserable in life as they always forget to look at the brighter side...

That's sad..

Coz we do have choices...

to smile or to hate..

As I grow older...


note: Someone please give me a sign, as i getting older [way to deal with all sort of **** prob.. CHILLL!!

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