Monday, March 21, 2011

Industrial Visit

It's looks like I'm quite busy this week. Mess Up with all those project report. As usual, Project Management and Mechanical design. Well, I'm glad again when my Process Control and Instrumentation lecturer gave us another five reports to go. Wow! What a beautiful and lotsa present to the end of semester.

Another 1 assignment to go guys. I remind you, Don't you ever forget your Emergency Response Plant for Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Shah Alam. Hmmm.. what I just can said right now.. WELL, I'm PROUD to be a student...


Wow! Glad to hear that. Thanks to the one that give me and my house mate the opportunity to join. Gebeng, Kuantan here I come. Another new installation of equipment also to go. Pressure Vessel? Heat Exchanger? Distillation Column? or maybe Flash Separator? <-- I'm happy and thankful if this equipment also include during the visit. [Kihkihkih, senang nak design untuk project].

Beside, actually I'm quite sad.. Miss! I just planning my great weekend with my lovely sister and niece, Alya. But I have to cancel it for the visit. Hope that she do not feel disappointed with me.. SORRY sis! Really sorry.. I just texting her but she didn't reply me.. Oh, pity me. Hope she's ok.

note: Busy busy busy

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