Monday, March 28, 2011

Japanese Engineering is no joke!

SPEECHLESS but this is totally incredible!! Amazing!

Thats the POWER : we Malaysian should have!

Japan Earthquake: The crew from highway repair company NEXCO arrived to start repairing the damaged on March 17th . By the end of the day March 23rd the road was opened to trafic.

(Photo: AP via The Daily Mail)

note: Pandang ke Timur!

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  1. kalo malaysia lak ,...bkn takat jalan y dah runuh mcm ats ni lmbt buat...kalo baiki jalan pon xsmpai sbulan jalan 2 dah berlubang blek... kdg2 bkn kes xpandai ke dsbbkan kes rsuah, nk duit lbh..gne kai bahan y murah dan xbkualiti..hihihihi.... rasa bu 1st time ngomen...rse tacing lak... hihihihi


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