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♥ The MUSIC Questions Me ♥

At the early of morning, I just get an email from one of my friends from University of Birmingham, UK. Thanks Gary for the question. Miss you so much! BLOGGING the answer, then. [Lupa ada kawan yang tak balik-balik lagi]. Yet, post this entry as email to him.

Do you like the music your family listens to?
None all of them have similar music tastes with me. Mine is better. No not at all. Honestly, my musical tastes are horrible in their ears and I don't even know what type of music my lil sis and bro likes. I do know that he/she would sing any song he/she understood the lyrics to! Ngee!~ My mum and dad, of course the oldies one.

Is music a big part of your life?
Massive Massive

Last song you sang out loud?
Jar of Heart with Christine Perri while watching the music video at night! Read My Mind... Haha

Who was your 1st favorite band as a kid?
Well, now for sure Avenged Sevenfold but Band wise as a kid...Westlife!!! (I was just trying to be cool like others) I think The Beatles. Kihkihkih

Ever had a song that make you think of an ex?
Ermm.. I don’t have any idea. Maybe ‘You and Me’ by Lifehouse. Sound sweet. I still keeping going hear the song till now but not about to think about my-ex during the timeline

Do you know your parents wedding song?
I think Selamat Pengantin Baru. Typical answer. Actually, I don’t know. I was not born at that time. Kahkahkah. Yet, feeling that I don’t have enough time to spend with, to ask my parents wedding song.

What CD is in your car CD player?
Rock Version!! I don’t have any car even licence to drive a car till today [NOOB]. But if I have one, Avenged Sevenfold or Alexi Laiho (Only guitar version!)


Just Nice

When was the last time you burned a music cd?
The last time...maybe about 1 years ago. When I had to secretly listen to Finger Eleven and tell everyone it was downloaded music from 4shared.Hahaha, I’ll keep your memory vague! Did you do that? Classic. Yup! Sure! I think I burned my last CD around a year ago. (Now Fatiehah burn them). Only RnB.

Do you sing in the shower?
I shout out chorus' of Escape the Fate – Harder Than You Know. I sing Siti Nurhaliza too! Muahahahahaha. I’m proud of it! Heeeee...

Have you ever sung in front of an audience?
Hell Yeah...during school. I’m the leader of the group. The first song that I ever sung is “Perfect by Simple Plan” during Teacher’s Day. I got lots of flower and praise! Does Karaoke also count? Yes! I love karok so much! Muahaha.


Have you ever been the singer while playing Rock Band?
I LOVE ROCK BAND!!! but I'm always dream that I’m the Lead guitarist. The answer is Yes!! when performing in Rock Band, I was the vocalist. Gerhhh!!

What is your mom's favorite genre of music?
Classical music. Thats why she's smart and she liked dance

What is your favorite song by The Beatles?
I have soooo many : Strawberry Fields are Forever, Across the Universe, Girl, Hey Jude, all the songs on Abbey Road...I like all the Beatles songs. Hey Jude, Don't Let Me Down, Strawberry Fields Forever, Happiness Is a Warm Gun, Lucy In the Sky, She Loves You, As My Guitar Gently Weeps... and I like them all.

Do you ever go to any concert before?????
Yes I have ever been to a real concert. Linkin Park!I think Meteora! on 15 October 2003. I should try Avenged Sevenfold next time and they should come to Malaysia. Please! Please!


Does the music you listen to change with your moods?
Yeah, mostly I just listen to music based on my mood. (Disturbed and Devils Wears Prada when I'm angry) Not so much. Normally I like music because it matches all my moods...

What are your favorite lyrics from a song?
Oh! The lyrics to Dear God by Avenged Sevenfold


Do you pay for your songs or steal them?
Does anyone really go and buy music? even on iTunes? Illegal downloading is the only thing I know how do to,. Does not paying make it automatically illegal? I have never paid for a song? I don't even know how!? Lols

Define the term: Boy Band?
Cute little boys that dance around and pretend to sing. I love them. Maybe, instead of standing at the middle of stage with guitar and rocking. They quite talented.

Do your friends listen to the same music you do?
No. definitely not. Fatiehah likes RnB and not specific. Fara and Enor likes the jiwang-jiwang one..

Do you watch American Idol?
I just watch the performances of the contestants I like. Like David Cook and Chris Daughtry [before]

Can you play an instrument?
I tell everyone I can’t but I actually can. syyhhh... Yes! Guitar!

Ever sing karaoke?
I love karaoke! Yes of course, its fun

Who is better:
Nsync or Backstreet Boys?
N'sync!!! They could sing and DANCE!!! plus they had Joey the Fatone! The Backstreet Boys (I would also rather die of food poisoning than freeze to death)

Alesana or Avenged Sevefold?

Both!! yipeeee! But absolutely Avenged Sevenfold! "Baby don’t cry...You at my heart..." hahahahaha

This or that:
Country or Rock?
ROCK! Rock

Rock or Rap?
ROCK! Rock

Emo or Punk?
uhhh...I tot the whole argument was that emo isn’t really a genre of was a way of life. Who am I kidding?? No answer

Should I End This Question? Hahaha

Yeah you should because I’m tired for answering. It takes about half an hour! Gerrrrhhh!!

Beloved Gary®

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