Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pffttt!! Macam hebat pakai jaket hijau?

The Lecturer : Failed! Failed! Failed!

Pause. Silent mode.

The Lecturer : Failure! Failure! Failure!

In similar mode, perhaps with most ‘soksek soksek’ from the student.

Oh! Pity us. She just already curse us. Quite disappointed just now. Who’s faults? The lecturer? or the student who can’t performed well during test? What about final exam? Failed? Failed? Failed?

The lecturer : Ingat hebat sangat pakai jaket hijau tu.. (Chemical Engineering Jacket)

That’s mean by : Ingat hebat sangat ke belajar Chemical Engineering ni? or it can be “Ingat hebat sangat ke jadi Chemical Engineer ni”

The Lecturer : I’m mad today! None one of you passed the test, Group C and D! [Again!] Failed! Failed! Failed!

Kikin : Ppppppffffffffffftttttttttttt!! Damn!! Aku lah tu!! Cis! Weh fara, kebetulan pulak kita  bertiga je gedik-gedik pakai jaket arini! Serius terasa. [Sengih je]

Keep looking around at that time…ouh, Zaed and Dilla also wear the jacket! You guys must be ‘terasa’ or what we called ‘touching’. Well guys.. just stand on her quote

Oh, I just don’t care”..


PeTRonAS cAfè

Location : Petronas Fertilizer Kedah

The Lecturer : You have to plan before answering the question! Bla…bla…bla… ngek ngek ngok ngok sok sek sok sek.. [membebel]

We didn’t planned to fail! But please do not curse us!!

[ada lah yang dicakapnya..rahsia ok]

[Again, touching] - Kikin

Well for me, what’s she said was almost perfectly correct. If you want to be succeed in anything you have to have a plan right ?
Yeah... We do have a plan at war or work even in test ( Of course !!! , No body can finish anything if you don't haven a plan at all) ... or even in defeating enemies in most games.

"If you fail to plan, you plan to fail " - Old Saying ( unknown )

Again, please do not curse us even for our benefit or to make us realize. Hmmm..

But .... at one point, there are questions about the quote that need to be answered ( in my head ... don't know about you guys ... )

Plan to fail?
I don’t think so. What kind of plan that will work ? Any plan ? Or a perfect plan that cover every single aspect ?

I just wonder how you guys do the planning? I mean How details ? Hmmm If you want to plan Everything even every little things, it would takes a lot of time right ?? ?
Especially when you need to do things quickly ...
I'm a practical person so I learn from experience. Well this quote will work for me as long as it's not concerning about details ....


That’s the purpose we learned Project Management. [Ngok ngek! Merepek]
But, people out there, in general… It’s good to teach us how to be better or excellent in study instead of ‘menyumpah kami’.. Sorry to say.. Yes! I admitted it! That’s all my faults.. Our faults friends..

note.insaf : Please! We don’t want open book test. Thats might be the reason why we can’t answer the question [Sentiasa nak pastikan jawapan tepat. As a result tak cukup masa nak jawap soalan!]


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