Friday, March 4, 2011

Test 1: I'm Just Too Damn Busy for You People!!

Test! Test! Test! Keep going say it all the time until its over! Hee Haw! [Broken!]. Cuba memblogging dalam english. Mechanical Design for Process Equipment and Process Control and Instrumentation. Walla!~ I think i have to study instead of blogging. Yet, I read all texts twice and wrote summaries. Some mind maps are hanging on my walls. Later!

Some moments, I think "Hey, you're well prepared?",
in the next instant I panic and get frightened,
along the lines of "I'm SOOOOO going to fail".
Could someone PLEASE tell me that this is normal?!?

By the way, I have also started on reading or thinking maybe for the laboratory test on next Monday - to keep my worries about not being able to read all the books in time at a low level.

I cannot wait for my test and exams to be over (and passed),
also to finish my study!! to receive my "degree" and head off for UiTM [bukan tak sayang]... Try to find another new environment. USM? UKM?UTM? UM? or NUS? [Waw!].. One day, I'm gonna be a master and phD holder! Hope so. Thanks Daddy!

Sis's Day (13)

The Family (2008) : My sis 'Graduation's Day'

Note: Does anyone feel the same way?

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