Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I ♥ to Believe

♥ I believe in loyalty above everything ♥
♥ I believe that one person can make a difference in the world ♥
♥ I believe that Cinderella is PROOF that a pair of shoes can change your life ♥
♥ I believe in life lessons..We all have so many to learn ♥
♥ I believe that being a student is the second hardest job on earth after being a parent ♥
♥ I believe when you say ~ I LOVE YOU..Mean it ♥
♥ I believe your family is everything! ♥
♥ I believe laughter is what keeps relationships together for years on end..♥
♥ I believe in prayer and miracles ♥
♥ I believe we are not to judge others ♥
I ♥ my family..♥
I ♥ my cats..There is something about them that captures me more than any other animal ♥
I ♥ the rain..♥
I ♥ photography ♥
♥ I'm a talker...I think that a good talk with a friend is the best therapy there is ♥
♥ I'm a down to earth dreamer and a romantic at heart..I'd rather see the good in people than the bad...♥
♥ I'm honest...ask me whatever and I'll probably tell you. I'm an excellent mediator, and try to avoid conflict most of the time (unless you really piss me off- then watch out)!!♥
♥ I believe that having a BFF is a good moment in my life..I have been blessed by his presence and loyalty and truly know in my heart he is the person who will help me walk through this life, pick me up when i fall and makes me laugh and smile more than anyone ever has. He is the smell to my flower, the butter to my bread, and breath to my life. I feel so lucky to be a person who really found friendship and love. There is no judgement between us. I am learning unconditional love with him ♥
♥ Now, I'm just trying to make a difference by emitting some good out into the world, hoping that some of it might come back my way ♥


♥ I believe and feel the smell of roses along my way to be a successful person in life ♥

note: ♥ I believe that I will able to be a good child for my beloved parent just a few years later!

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