Monday, May 2, 2011

Me and Venice, Italy (^_^)

I dreamed of Venice, Italy last night with someone.. Ok, rahsia.. Hahahaha.. [Evil Laugh]..Anyway, I dreamed of Venice, Italy.. I am afraid if I go, I will never come back.. but pretty sure if I go there with that guy, I won’t back. Wahahaha.. Bubbye Mummy and Daddy..:p.. Just now, I wonder why I’m taking Manadarin as third language. I think I should take Italian.. Now I guess you guys know why I am learning Mandarin! Well, after I feel fairly comfortable with Mandarin, I plan on moving on to Italian. I need to be able speak both..i want to go soooooo badly to Europe...Even though, Malaysia is where a lot of my history and family are from. There is so much I want to go see. I don't want just a couple week trip either..I want an entire summer..or longer.. Muahahahaha...


But since I can’t go right now for many different reasons, I can at least dream a little dream. I think our dreams are such powerful tools we have in this life. I think they can take us anywhere...I have seen loved ones that have passed over that I miss so much I can’t breath sometimes; in my dreams, and I have travelled to faraway places that I would have never expected..  In so many ways dreams have been a big part of my life. When I lay my head down on my pillows, I never know where I am going or where I will end up. It’s amazing.

I might sound crazy, but think about some of your dreams..Where have you went?? Nothing happens without reason in our lives. Nothing. There is a purpose and reason for everything. I can’t wait for to see what the next thing I will dream about will be.. I sure wouldn't mind another trip to Venice!

It was really beautiful. I really only remember some of the dream, but it was one of the most beautiful dreams I ever had ever dreamed of...Sounds funny right? But if you are dreaming with someone that you love, for sure you won’t wake up at that time. Surely, you’ll feel like ** when someone get you up from the dreamy dream.. lols.. Trust me, I think you will try to sleep again until you get the same dream.. Ok, Venice!

Why?Why? I love their culture and the environment itself. Well, Venice Carnevele.. One of the reason why. <3. There are lavish parades, luxuriant masquerade balls, and spontaneous parties in the streets. It is about two weeks. [Based on my friend, Gary who live there]. I love the costumes and masks abound. Waw!! Getting excited just now. Well, I’m dreaming for my pre-graduate annual dinner with that type of theme..Not only the mask, but the costume itself. Really wow!! With your mask on, you are pardoned your sins. With the mask on, anything goes.. Ehemmm..

Well, again...don’t stop me from dreaming..This is what we called LIFE. CHEER!!
Note : Ho sognato un bellissimo sogno con il mio amico davvero il migliore per sempre .. [Italian Language: Google la makna kalau rajin ^_^]

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