Wednesday, June 29, 2011

No COCO, I'm with YELLOWEE!~

Holaa... Waa... It takes about one month to wake up from holiday..lotsa sorry for those who waiting for me..keep texting me 'Aiyooo kikin..bila mau update you punya blog??' --> Amoii aaa..wa manyak bizi maa... sakit ati lagi..sapa mau jaga??..kahkahkah..
Forget about it.. Sorrrrryyy Guys!!..

Well, I start my 1st entry not ever without coco but with yellowee!~..nice?? you know what I mean? Coco is my 1st lappy la.. dah bagi pada my sis.. dia nak praktikal.. So, Superb! Duper! AutoCAD is needed..poyo je lebih..hahahaha... And now, I'm with Yellowee!~.. Twinmate!..Quite difficult to update entry..yup! before this, I just playing around with window live writer.. Ok then.. Yet, find another application..lols..Aite! Sleepy oredy.. See you soon.. Here is a picture from yellowee.. Just nice to bright up your beautiful day..have a good time friends!

entry to be continued: My first day at Shinko!

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