Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Day 200 in My Miracles Life

Today is 19 July 2011… Day 200 in 2011.. [Count baby if you didn’t believe it].. Before you read, get some tissues.. I’m sure you will cry otherwise you are heartless..lols..

There is a man in my life who I hate very very much sometimes with everything inside of me, a man that brings out this passion inside of me, a man who gets on my nerves getting excited while talking about our same favorites and brings out the hell fire I hide deep inside of me sometimes! Grrr!!.  There is a man in my life who does everything wrong to me and a man in my life that sometimes hurts me more than I ever knew someone could… [Ok! Don’t have to be melancholic kikin!!]

Yet there is a man in my life who I love with everything  I have to give, a man that brings out this amazing side of me, a man who makes me realize my faults and a man that makes me realize that being humble sometimes means being wrong. Gojez! You make me proud at that time! There is a man in my life that accepts me for my faults, accepts me with my passion and my fire, and there is a man in my life that forgives me when I hurt him more than I ever realized I could…

There is a man in my life that gets on my nerves so much sometimes I want to explode when he did ignore me. Not sometimes but every times, but a man who has stood by me through the hardest moments I have had to face.  There is a man in my life who when I scream so loud, get tension during study, about friends and hurt from so deep within is always there, to pick me off the floor to hand me the his own hand and tell me “not to be silly”… :\

There is a man in my life who when I screamed the most hurtful words at him, when I told him I wanted to die, when I told him it wasn’t worth it, who when I told him to pass me the knife <—hiperbola pulak! who when I told him, LEAVE ME!!, he didn’t do that. There is a man that stood by my side and kept me going even when i didn’t want to go on any more.

There is a man in my life who doesn’t buy me flowers simply because they die, he buys me plants so the gift lives on..  There is a man in my life who does tell me that I am beautiful when I dress up with hijab because “I am a muslimah”… Terharu!

And there is a man in my life who when I say “Tell me you missed me”! Tells me “You missed me” and when I say “Tell me I miss you” he Tells me “I miss you

I may hate this man with everything inside of me but with more than what is inside of me I really need him to go through my life when I’m alone just now. Understand me Please!

That man is my really f***ing good good good best best friend I ever had and today that man turns 22. Hilarious or not, the fact is, he in the same age with me for another 2 month later.

Two years ago I meet this man and I would never have imagined anything so distorted yet so perfect, never imagined someone to make me feel like I could possibly be the best version of myself, never meet anyone who I could have possibly imagined I would be able to grow up with and have the most beautiful life with… Even though sometimes, he made me terribly mad. The day I meet this man, I still can remember the magical word that I really love to hear at that time..[“Kenapa kita tak jumpa lebih awal daripada ni?”]

It has been hard, it is hard, I am not perfect and he is not perfect… Parts of me are broken, but this man he takes my broken pieces and he puts them back together time and time again, and he never ever tells me I am too much, he never tells me the past two years haven’t been worth it and he always sticks be me, sticks by us.

There is a man who makes me angrier than I ever knew I could be, but a man who makes me cherished and appreciated more than I ever knew I could, and a man in my life who makes my life what it is today – TOTALLY PERFECT.


That man is my best friend forever, Mohamad Hakim Kamaruddin, Happy Birthday Dear! Always know that the sun has risen even the clouds cover every rays of light! May ALLAH always be with you and everything gonna be alright keh? Talk to you later. :) Texting or call me then. :p


♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


May ALLAH always be by your side..

Remember what I just said before.. My pray will always be with you.. Its your birthday!! Ask something from Allah, Akem. :)

Ya Allah, aku memohon kepada-Mu agar Engkau menjadikan sebaik-baik umur kami pada akhirnya, sebaik-baik amal pada penutupannya, sebaik-baik hari-hari kami adalah saat bertemu dengan-Mu. 

Aku memohon kepada-Mu agar Engkau menjadikan kuburan setelah berpisah dengan dunia, sebaik-baik tempat tinggal kami, luaskanlah liang lahat kami, dan rahmatilah saat kami menjadi rendah pada waktu menghadap-Mu saat hisab, tetapkanlah kaki-kaki kami di atas shirath, selamatkanlah kami dari kesusahan hari kiamat, putihkan wajah kami pada hari dimana wajah manusia ada yang putih dan ada yang hitam.
Aku memohon kepada-Mu kenikmatan yang tak terputus-putus, mata yang sejuk yang tidak terputus-putus, aku memohon kepada-Mu untuk dapat melihat wajahMu, dan kerinduan bertemu dengan-Mu.

Aku memohon agar Engkau mensucikan kerusakan hati kami dengan taubat, dan menyatukan hati kami dalam keadaan takut kepada-Mu, dan memberi kami pemberian yang besar yang dapat memasukkan kami ke dalam surga, tempat yang aman.. Amin…

Ya Allah, kepada-Mu aku beribadah dan untuk-Mu kami solat dan sujud. Kepada-Mu kami menuju dan bersegera. Kami mohon rahmat-Mu dan takut akan azab-Mu, sesungguhnya azab-Mu menimpa orang-orang kafir.
Ya Allah aku memohon perlindungan kepada-Mu, kami meminta ampun dari-Mu, memuji-Mu dengan kebaikan, tidak kufur kepada-mu, tunduk kepada-Mu dan mencabut siapa yang kufur kepada-Mu.. Amin..

Birthday Note: Don’t worry my man, the gift is ready. I just need you to be here. Think and Plan.

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