Monday, August 15, 2011

Happy Birthday, Firdaus!

I went to Central Market,Kuala Lumpur a week or so ago and stumbled across Artistic Street[I think..ngeee..], while I was there. What a great street! You just imagine lotsa poster, portrait, incredible picture! As I remember last year, there is no the street yet. If I’m not mistaken. I just pass through them with a glowing review on the fine art because I thought that some of the reviews were a bit off putting and didn’t reflect the marvelous selection of great arts they have. They compete each other. All sudden.. Ouh, 15 August is coming. My head was stumbling for thinking of it. What should I do? Eemmmmmm.. Ehemmmmm..

Then, I got this!


Location: Central Market, Kuala Lumpur

Artist: Keroo

Staring at the calendar at that time, Monday OK! I wish I can make it weekend, but pity me..

Well, Nothing to say and please expect for nothing just now. I’m far from you. [Tak boleh nak cheerkan hari you today]. What ever it is Forever 21:

Happy Birthday, Firdaus

The Happy Birthday means a lots than have a happy day. For me, within these words lie lots of things, I never really get to say. Because, sometimes for you guys, it doesn’t mean anything right? First of all and the most important part are “Go hug your mum today, Firdaus”. Say thanks to her for ‘giving birth to you!’ It is sweet when you give her, a banquet of roses to thank her. Kihkihkih. Also send my regards to her, sebab dah lahirkan anak yang baik macam you! [You masuk lif, I tolong tekankan hari ni].

As a stranger for you today, I wish, what I had done for today is totally not offended you. I just wanna share the feeling.

Hahaha, well forever 21, don’t have to worry, A birthday is just a day and age is just a number [Berapa agaknya umur you, dah kali ke 4 I tanya – Tunggu raya =_=.. nasib baik I ni sabar].. Ok, after all, after about 1month and 12 days for knowing you, what ever it is, your mind still young and your youthful didn’t looks seems to go away. Then, even another year older and it scratch your energy a bit colder and hurts, but trust me, after all and till today I feel like your heart still burns and it forever yearns. [YES! Berjaya dengan ayat itu! Rasa sarkastik tak? hahaha].

And even one day you getting bolder, at the time I wish you Happy Birthday again, I still can count on your word which is “Forever 21”. Heeehee.. Just imagine, age is like a mathematical sum. Year after year it wills +1. Take it as a medium for you to letting go of past rage and pain or feel like willing to live life fullest and sane. Besides your birthday, today I’ve learned that life has not been so bad and my tear for knowing you and joy is not because I’m sad. Glad. And even another day or years go or older, more post added to my blog, more portfolio added by you on the web [saya tukang review je.. Harap boleh buat jugak nanti], I won’t regret for all things I ever had done, I’m glad of whom I am today and hope you so. I feel like you will feel the same, so I don’t mind to jot down this entry and write my own birthday post for you.

You’ve lived through your life up till this time, so say Thanks to Him, your dad and mum, even your family.

I think it is safe to say, in your life, things will go as planned His way. So, He’s got more for you yet, Say “Alhamdullillah”. This is because, all the successful story of yours till today is because of Him and you had owed Him. Live your life carefully and I will always pray for you. :) Have a blast!

Sorry, sebab membebel lebih. Hahaha. But I love to do this. Glad for you to know that, I’m a type of girl that can be so hurt but can still look at you and smile. The type of girl that really can brighten your day even I can’t brighten my own. So, hope you like it. Sorry again, no birthday card. But I think the one I had written is better right?

Lastly, Thanks for ever be a person who cheer up my day.. Thanks for all the advise and saya suka. :)

Well again, Happy Birthday, Firdaus..

Note: Tak dapat celebrate today, but will celebrate our besday on 14 September! Yeah!! Suka! Suka! [Sori teacher, tak boleh sembunyi perasaan dah!]

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