Monday, August 1, 2011

He’s NUR Ramadhan

It's a wonderful Monday today! The sun is out and the temperature is quite good! Walking down the street, I just realized that I was in the other dimension while someone staring at me at that time. Its because.. As I passing through the gate with big smile, there was something that had encouraged me, deep through my heart.. “just ingat buat mase ni awak just kene blaja je..takde ape lain melainkan score xm..mak bapak takde nak ape dari awak.. melainkan yang just ingat tu je.. bile dah senang jaga diorang pulak..ape yg mampu..buat diorang happy”. It is enough for me to stand up about 100 years! Thanks..

Well then, seriously, I am just turn into him. Congrates! The one who I mentioned just now, if he read this entry, for sure will be noticed. YES!! Uhhh.. Tired!! Hoping for “No string attached”. AGAIN… C’mon.. Its Ramadhan..

Dear God, Please show me something. Aminnn…

And now here I am, in the arms where HE destined me to be.. Again, the NUR for Ramadhan is hoping to following me all the time. The long journey of waiting is all worth it. Thank you ALLAH for even though I'm away from home, You've given me all these nice people here who makes me feel welcome. Most of all thank you so much for such a kind and wonderful family who welcomed me with warmth and love. And of course for my ever loving bestfriend who is always patient of me all the time.. And special to you, reader.. I welcome to have you in my life! Thanks.

Note: Excluding Mummy and Daddy, there’s no one ever advise me like that.. Thanks. Really appreciate it!

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