Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Repost: About Me

Hi! My name is Norasikin Jamburi.

❒ single ❒ taken ✔ not available
❒ sexy ✔ simple
✔ loving ❒ cruel
❒ rough ✔ sweet
✔ music ❒ drama queen
❒ pretty ✔ cute


This is a grey area where I jot down all of my thought! Deciding whether I have to clear the air, left hanging in the air or float on air… Which one? I’m tired.

In the other side, sometimes I feel like I have to sacrifice on the altar, in term of time. I knew I didn’t have time and guts to learn new thing just now, but at least I willing to try. This is because I believe, under the auspice of someone and learn in breaks one’s back, I will be in the bag and go off with a bang! Huhuuuuuu!! Ho Yeah!  Long Live Kikin! [Motivate diri sendiri]..

For better or worse, I will try to get the bit between one’s teeth and bite of more than one can chew so that later on, I only have to feel shy, seize the first bitten!

Thumbs Up!



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