Wednesday, February 22, 2012

My WishList for 2012 ♔

Hai! Hai! Hai!

Cuba tengok sebelah kanan atas Kikin punye Side Tab? MY WISHLIST! Jom-jom tengok ape yang ada..

✿ Complete My Degree ✿

Currently I’m pursuing my degree on Chemical Engineering. So, as wished, hopefully I can complete my degree courses with flying colors.

✿ Lose Weight :) ✿

Ahakkkkss! [Ketawa gediks!].. Ok, this one ‘CHECKED’.. I lost about 10kg in 3 Month.. Tips?? Puasa lorh! :)).. But, next pitstop, another 5kg to go! ^_^

✿ 4+ Result for Final Year ✿

Ok, saya dah tahun akhir.. Ok, being a Chemical Engineering student is not as same as other student [I won’t say it loud again]. So, for having 4+ result, it such a F***ing honorable moment in my life especially for the whole study period. I’ll make it! Sure!

✿ Further Study on Master ✿

Ok, currently I’m searching for someone who can supervise me for MASTER program. And so sure it will be in Chemical Engineering too. ^__^.. I wish i can fulfill my father hope for having Master and get better life.. Aminnn.. Mum, Dad! I love you so much!

✿ Be 'SOLEHAH' ✿

Alhamdulillah, for having this wish, God Already Bless Me.. Aminn.. I hope, I can be better than previous years..

OK, wishlist.. Seems like AZAM lah.. Tapi saya sangat pasti yang atas ni semua adalah sesuatu yang saya boleh capai.. Kalau tak, kita pun tak senaraikan.. ^_^


  1. Ekin ad tag dekat awk something. Jom singgah sini :)


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